Artisan Tea



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Allegria Jasmine Burst 

Very lovely cup. Stunning, specially selected green tea is enlivened  with delicate buds of Jasmine

Allegria was created as a tribute to the cultural awakening of the Song dynasty. Artfully had-crafted inside a casing of freshly produced white tips, each pod opens to reveal fresh Jasmine blossoms. The tea represents the potential of the Chinese people while the blossoms represent the cultural power unlocked during the dynasty.

3 Flower Burst

Smooth and satisfying green tea notes. The Peach character of Osmanthus comes to the fore with hints of Jasmine and Lily.

Not only is Yunnan famous for premium tea, but also for flowers. This tea is produced by tying lily and Osmanthus blooms together with full leaves of early Yunnan green tea. This tea is deliciously wonderful and makes a perfect gift.

Blushing Carnation

Deliciously full bodied and smooth with light floral hints, creating alovely show that encourages conversation with friends.


Cote D'Azur Garden

The show is phenomenal and the cup is elegant green tea with a boquet of floral notes.

One of the world's most famous gardens along France's Cote D'Azur belonged to Renoir. Our tea artisan drew inspiration from this garden so that his tea, when infused, would open with flower petals reaching for the sun as they do in Renoir's garden. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking tea worthy of a painting of itself.

Dragon 4 Flowers

Light Lavender notes wind their way through a floral bouquet and provide some depth and body to the early season green tea.

 Chinese Legend tells of a tea artisan visited in a dream by a Fucanglong dragon. The dragon told him to craft a tea representing his powers. If he did so, the artisan would achieve success and grow wealthy. True to the dragon's word, on market day, the artisan had a hit on his hands

Ginseng Lily flower

Excellent green tea character with a mild hint of dry ginseng bitterness

Ginseng was seen as a cure-all by Chinese physicians of old and was so highly prized that for a time, only the Emperor could collect it. When the tea masters went looking for fresh ingredients to enhance their artistic creations, it was natural to turn to the trusted and hallowed root.

Hannah Chrysanthemum

A tea that puts on a superb show. Chrysanthemum highlights lightly dance through premium green tea.

What's in a name? Hannah Callowhill Penn. 2nd wife of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania. Hannah Ayscough, mother of Sir Isaac Newton and of course Hannah van Buren, wife of the 8th US President. Hannah Chrysanthemum has quite a legacy.

Longing Heart

Your heart unfolds and bares a hidden blossom. A delectable hint of peach dances through the tea. Prepare in a glass tea pot and watch your heart open.

Villagers of Yunnan say that one who visits will long to return and Yunnan is forever in their heart. With soaring mountains, surging seas of cloud and lush tea gardens, Yunnan is exceedingly beautiful. Enjoy a cup to feel your longing heart.

Lovers 3 Flower

Lavender and Jasmine notes intertwine in a taste affair. Superb green tea provides a lightly brisk finish.

The poem, which serves as the inspiration for this tea, is a love sonnet to a beautiful maiden from a smitten suitor. He picked the finest blossoms of Jasmine, Amaranth and Lavender and tied them in with a delicate full leaf green tea. Get ready to be warmed on the inside and out.

Tiffany Rose Melody

Soft Rose notes grace the cup. A perfect complement to early spring green tea.

Legend has it that a Chinese plantation manager received a tiffany lamp as a gift from a visiting tea trader. One of the plantation's artisans became mesmerized by the beauty of the lamp and was so inspired that he created this tea. The result was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Volcano Flower Burst

Exceptional combination of hibiscus and premium green tea. Refreshing and cleansing reminiscent of light lemon.

After the 1609 eruption of Yunnan territory's Tengchong volcano, an artisan decided to appease the universe. He took local blooms and concealed them with green tea, spiritually trapping the volcano's lava. It has never erupted since, Coincidence? At the very least we guarantee this tea will enhance your day.

White Tea Flower Symphony


Oolong Mystere Flower Tea

Wonderful Orchid Oolong notes fill the cup. Smooth and satisfying with a hint of fullness. A tea for lovers.

China, with it's 1.3 Billion people and 5000 year old civilization, is a land of history and mystery. From one end to the other, layers of earth and stone conceal traces of the past. Many can be explained, but many cannot. Thankfully, Oolong Mystere can be tasted and questions answered.


Jasmine Dragon Tears

Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavor and a heavenly jasmine character

Jasmine Silver Ball

Pale green liquor with a smooth but delicate Jasmine flavor. Watch as the hand-tied tea ball transforms into a flower-like blossom.

When you steep a Jasmine ball in your tea pot, you will see the outer leaves begin to uncurl. Once infusion is complete, it looks like a Chrysanthemum with long petals on the outside and short petals on the inside. The Chrysanthemum implies tranquility, beauty, longevity and health.

1000 Days Flower

Slightly dry character with light floral notes. Hints of sweet caramel sugar are sprinkled on the finish.

The tea comes from tender spring buds of Fujian tea plantations 500m to 800m above seal level. Traditional Chinese medicine maintains that the amaranth flower tied with the tea is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy and raise a cup to life.

Menthe Soleil Flower tea

Refreshing peppermint notes come to the fore, finishing with a sweet lightly floral fullness. A perfect afternoon tea.

In Mythology, the God Pluto, became enamored with a nymph named Mintha. So passionate was his scandalous love, he completely ignored his wife. So passionate was his wife's anger, she turned young Mintha into a plant. As the minty highlights pass your tongue, ponder scandalous forbidden love

Delerium Blossom tea

The design is delirious; the green tea exquisite and the flowers extreme. How do they do it? Lightly floral with a touch of dryness.

You'll quickly see why the name really fits. As the water hits the tea, the pod come to "life" creating a sense of of excitement and ecstacy. Next, the inner spirit of the pod bursts, unleashing an incomparable world of color and flavor; a suprb tea that will leave you breathless.